Duncan Kent

Duncan Kent

Duncan Kent is a well-known and widely respected yachting journalist who has been writing for a wide selection of UK and international sailing magazines over the past 30 years.

During his career as an accomplished sailor, author and photographer, Duncan has been Editor of Sailing Today magazine, Sail Editor for Boat International and Technical Editor for Yachting Monthly.

In addition, he has researched and written a wealth of technical reports and boat reviews for Yachting World, Sail Magazine, Practical Boat Owner and a wide range of other publications and websites.

Duncan is also one of the most experienced boat testers in the UK, having sailed literally hundreds of new and used yachts over four decades of sailing, during which time he has amassed a wealth of practical and technical knowledge on yachts of all types and sizes, from 14ft to 250ft in length.

He has owned a wide range of cruising yachts over the years and has cruised extensively with his family, as well as successfully completing an Atlantic circuit.

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