Theo Stocker

Theo Stocker

Theo Stocker is the features and news editor at Yachting Monthly

Sailing Skills What’s the safest way to get from tender to yacht? It’s the unseen MOB risk we run everytime we transfer from one to the other Short-handed spinnaker tips…

Dick Durham the mudlark

Do you feel unwelcome in your own yacht club? Maybe the rogue blazers and their beloved regulations have taken over, says Dick Durham


Biscay or bust, 44 years after a disastrously ill-fated attempt, Dick Durham finally makes the fabled crossing

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With the start of British Summer Time, the sailing season is truly underway for Jonty Pearce, as he looks forward to retirement

Dick Durham

Britain’s last sailing ship can be manoeuvred singlehanded without an engine, so why does she need one now?

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