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Lady Daphne Thames sailing barge

Hundreds of yachtsmen in the Thames are set to sail past a ticking time-bomb from the Second World War this season, says Dick Durham

Sailing Skills ‘What we learned by crossing an ocean’ 21 tips from transatlatnic cruisers for everyday, offshore and bluewater cruising How to keep a listening watch There’s a simple way…


Even if they interrupt your planned time away, chance meetings with old friends are happy moments to be relished, says Jonty Pearce

Sea toilet heads smell

Jonty Pearce delights in others' difficulties with holding tanks, until his boat meets the same obstacle

Sailing Skills What’s the safest way to get from tender to yacht? It’s the unseen MOB risk we run everytime we transfer from one to the other Short-handed spinnaker tips…

Dick Durham the mudlark

Do you feel unwelcome in your own yacht club? Maybe the rogue blazers and their beloved regulations have taken over, says Dick Durham


Biscay or bust, 44 years after a disastrously ill-fated attempt, Dick Durham finally makes the fabled crossing