Theo Stocker

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Jonty Pearce and his pontoon mates are made homeless for the winter when a howling gale necessitates some marina repairs

Pass your Yachtmaster

Insurance seems like a waste of money, but it only needs to go wrong once and you’ll wish you had it, says Tom Cunliffe

A healthy fear of the sea comes with experience, but new crew remind us why we fell in love with sailing, says Libby Purves

See what’s inside our November 2016 issue here… Sailing Skills Expert On Board: Save time, sail more! How to streamline your cruise planning. Chris Beeson explains how to make getting…

The wreck of the Cheeki Rafiki

The Crown Prosection Service has authorised charges to be brought against Stormforce Coaching and its owner, following the sinking of yacht Cheeki Rafiki with the loss of four lives in