In this month’s issue of Yachting Monthly

Sailing skills

Buying a boat for the Med: One reader’s experience of how to choose, buy and equip a boat for the sun

Rules to ignore?: Which collision regs can you take with a pinch of salt, and which must you follow to the letter to avert disaster?

A question of seamanship: How to get a man overboard back on deck

Skippers’ tips: Dismasting plan | Jobs list | Flushing oil | Family tension

Learning curve: ‘Our engine failed in the world’s busiest shipping canal’


Classic American cruises: Jeanne Socrates sails from Canada to San Fran

Hebridean hideaways: Some Scottish anchorages are still not on the charts. We take you to two of them

Cruising community: RYA Clubs of the Year | UKSA Reducing screen time

New york, new york: A short cruise from Rhode Island to the Big Apple

Sailing among Scotland’s seabirds: Discover the beauty and wonder of Scottish wildlife, as well as the challenges it faces

Gear and boats

Hanse 410 on test: Can the new model match up to her bigger sisters?

New boats of 2024: Theo Stocker takes you round the world’s largest boat show to step aboard this year’s hottest new launches

Sail trim: How to get the right sail shape for your boat and the conditions

Sunk from within: When his boat started taking on water, one sailor has to act quickly to stop his boat sinking

Hot new gear: We test Musto’s new top-end waterproofs and preview the latest kit, from outboards to pumps