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Shipping Forecast

New marine forecasts available from Met Office

About 15 hours ago

Forecasts on their mobile website

Chichester's face-lift

£3.5 million makeover

Race meet for 707s

Under the bridge

Yachtsmen get new pontoon in Eyemouth

Boost to visiting yachts

MOB man was hit by 70ft boat's rudder

He faces orthopaedic surgeon

Crash Test Boat

Crash Test Boat!

Explosions, fire and dismasting: Watch all of the videos


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RNLI now promoting selfies

Narcissism gone mad ?

Whether forecast

Variable conditions

Cross the Thames Estuary

Alerting all pilots

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Dick Durham

Dick Durham's Sailing Blog

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Marine engine soundproofing

Yachting Monthly guidelines for installing marine engine soundproofing

How useful is iPad navigation when sailing a yacht?

Six important points to consider before ditching your chartplotter

How to avoid chafe on swinging moorings

Vyv Cox explains a simple error that causes chafe on swinging moorings and catches out many crews, including experts

Rope problems and solutions

Tom Cunliffe shares his expertise on the topic of rope problems and solutions

Extra Letters – January 2014

A great bag of readers' letters this month – including plenty of thoughts on a myriad of subjects from binoculars and flares to red diesel and lifejackets...

National Coastwatch stations and telephone numbers

How to contact your local National Coastwatch lookout hut

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Blue Water

Looking for a good solid passage making blue water boat. Probably...