The Sailors' Vegan Cookbook has recipes to satisfy any sailor's dietary requirement, and rightly deserves a place on your boat's book shelf

Sailors’ Vegan Cookbook

Dhara Thompson (ed.)

Sail Boat Project,  £12 

Gone are the days when a tin of Fray Bentos fished up from the bilges and served with tinned garden peas and Cadbury’s Smash’ could automatically be assumed to be a lip-smacking family meal.

These days when two or more people are gathered together – as on board a yacht – it’s good manners to ask about ‘dietary requirements’ – and better manners still to pay some attention to the answers… 

With a bit of pre-planning, many of us are becoming more confident about producing vegetarian or gluten-free alternatives even on two burners and a grill, but fully vegan meals may feel more daunting to those with a more traditional approach.

This slim, 32-page book will help.

The Sail Boat Project is a community-interest company based in Itchenor Reach in Chichester Harbour.

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They are a training centre attempting to reach out to marginalised coastal communities and those under financial hardship.

They provide vegetarian and vegan food by default as a contribution towards lowering their company’s carbon footprint. 

The recipes in this book do not look challenging to cook – all are manageable with a hob and a grill — but do require some stocking-up with specialist ingredients, Tofu, oatmilk and vegan cheese are immediately obvious examples.

Looked at from the point of view of a crew where individuals might want to make different food choices within limited facilities and without losing the fundamental value of eating together, this book could help ensure that the basic galley provisioning includes a slightly wider range of spices then normal and there are tins of kidney beans and chickpeas alongside the stewed steak.

The vegetable net can include squashes, pumpkins and citrus fruit which keep well and if the dried food store includes a generous supply of foodstuffs such as tortilla wraps which can be used in individual ways, crew members with differing ‘requirements’ can still all eat together. 

Visit to learn more about the project or order this book.

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