A boat that sails well in light airs will reduce your reliance on the engine and give you much more cruising pleasure


The moment the engine is turned off is a magical time in any voyage – it’s only then that you can feel the boat’s true motion and appreciate the sound of water lapping against the hull and the wind in the sails.

However, many cruising yachts need 10-12 knots of breeze to make acceptable progress, which inevitably translates to lots of time spent under power. Noise and exhaust fumes mean this is never a comfortable experience, even on the most ostensibly luxurious of yachts.

High performance cruising yachts  that are comfortable, fast and easy to handle do exist!

Silently gliding over the waves under sail is a far more appealing option in light airs.The key problem is many cruising designs are relatively heavy and have comparatively small sail areas. Yet a comfortable cruiser that performs well in light airs is possible.

There are several secrets to this: advanced construction, a moderate hull shape, without the frictional drag of a wide-beam yacht’s large wetted surface area, plus a big rig with quality deck gear that makes it easily tamed when necessary. As an example, the J/45 can sail as fast as the wind in only 6 knots.

Comfortable cruising on a J-112

Cutting-edge construction

At the same time, an optimised bulb keel with a very low centre of gravity helps keep everyone safe if the weather turns bad.

J Composites has been at the forefront of boat-building technology for decades and this boat, like other models in the range, is built using carefully controlled resin infusion. This is used for the hull, deck, main bulkhead and all structural components, creating a light, yet very stiff and reliable vessel.

Yes, this boat wins regattas

A well-planned deck layout, with quality fittings, minimises friction, making the powerful rig easy to handle. As the breeze builds, for instance, a few pumps of the hydraulic backstay increases mast bend, flattening the mainsail and therefore reducing heel angle and weather helm.

Yes, there is a slight price difference, but with equivalent options, this difference is really minor when all is said and done.

For more information about the J45 & other cruising boats from J-Boats, visit: www.jcomposites.eu