Take a look at our checklist of essential fitting-out tips

Below the waterline


Check for athwartships play, there should be none at all (pictured above). Chip away antifoul and filler and inspect the root for stress fractures.


Check leading and trailing edges and get a professional to inspect any hairline cracks, it could be a sign the two halves of your rudder are about to go separate ways. Check for any play in bearings, stock or quadrant. Movement should be minimal.

Grease steering cables.

Anodes and skin fittings

If there’s less than 50% of an anode left, it needs replacing urgently. Not to do so is a radically false economy.

Check skin fittings are free of blockages, such as fouling and antifoul paint.

Prop shaft

To check bearings, grasp the prop in both hands and try moving it from side to side. There should be little if any movement.

Check the P-bracket for stress cracking from misalignment or damage.


Check the external fairing and reseal if necessary.

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