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Quality assured by maritime experts at the UKHO, ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts contain A2 charts to support coastal navigation around the UK. They also contain appropriate chart coverage and are…

The Moorings Ownership Programme allows you all the pleasure of owning a boat without the hassle

The benefits of the Moorings Ownership Programme are numerous, from cutting down the cost of ownership to delivering you a monthly income..it can also eliminate all running costs too!


In the 1970s, Dufour was France’s biggest yacht builder, launching a plethora of new models including the Dufour 2800, which superseded the Dufour 27 in 1978. More than 1,300 Dufour…

Chatham Sperrin winter boat shoe

The Sperrin Winter Boat Shoe is Chatham’s twist on its classic boat shoe, we put a pair to the test to see how they stand up to regular on-water use…