front cover of the new look Yachting Monthly Jan 2018

There is less than a week to go until the launch of the bigger and better Yachting Monthly. Find out more about the changes to Britain's most popular cruising magazine

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Poland’s boatbuilders have a certain reputation, but is it fair? Yachting Monthly’s Graham Snook tests the latest Maxi 1200 to find out

Jury Steering

How would you get back to safety if your rudder was carried away? Chris Beeson tests three jury steering techniques on the water

Sunbeam 36.1

Yachting Monthly's review of the Sunbeam 36.1 made in landlocked Austria by the Schöchl family boatbuilder

“With my MP3 player I can pursue my taste for playing air-guitar on night watch” I have always fancied getting a radio station to make a programme of Car Singalong…

Tom Cunliffe

“If we could persuade the current to flow, it would go on flowing. The problem was, how?”   If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Good advice generally, especially at…

Dick Durham

“Whoof! Up goes the paraffin in a stinking yellow flame” Gas. The very word is sinister, and I have body-swerved this particular state of matter in various galleys over the…