A Hallberg-Rassy 352 sailing

Hallberg-Rassy is known for its sea-kindly and solid boats. Duncan Kent examines the nuances of the popular Hallberg-Rassy 352

Box berth at a marina in Holland

With an onshore wind and little space to manoeuvre, how would you tackle getting into a tight box berth? James Stevens answers your Questions of Seamanship

What characteristics make a yacht fit for purpose? Duncan Kent explores the meaning of 'seaworthy' and how hull design and technology have changed the way we think

Hallberg Rassy 412

One page with all the links to the extras from the Halberg Rassy 412 new boat test - Video, 360º interactive images of the interior and a host of unseen

Hallberg Rassy 412

Extra photographs from Yachting Monthly’s test of the Hallberg Rassy 412

Hallberg Rassy 412

360º images to drag and scroll your way around to explore the interior of the Hallberg Rassy 412