Navigational tips and beauty spots around the north-east coast of the Isle of Wight.

Around Bembridge to Seaview

Be careful of lobster pots at Nettlestone Point. Photo: Peter Bruce

Dicky Dawe Rocks, named after a famous smuggler who ‘farmed’ salvage from them, and Cole Rocks lie 600m off Bembridge Ledge and there is a safe passage between the two known as The Deep, though you’ll find soundings of 2-3m at CD. When the right hand edge of Bembridge Fort is in line with the tower of Bembridge School on 256M, and Nettlestone Point is well to the right of the Bembridge lifeboat house on 326M, you can head northwest. Keep your eyes peeled because the area is very popular with lobster fishermen and is often known as the Minefield due to the number of pots. Once past the lifeboat station, which sits on Ethel Ledge, Cole Rocks are astern.

Between Bembridge and Seaview, the town on Nettlestone Point, there are a series of yellow buoys laid as racing marks by Bembridge SC, Brading Haven YC and Sea View YC. Of these, only the outer ones are lit (Fl Y 4s) so leave these to port and you’ll miss them all. Leave St Helen’s Fort off Bembridge at least 300m off the port beam to avoid Tyne Ledge and the off-lying Garland Rock. Just off the Ledge are three visitor’s buoys on the eastern end of the outer trot designed to handle yachts of up to 45ft. There is a charge for these, to be paid at Bembridge SC, but the harbour’s water taxi tends not to leave the harbour.

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Bembridge Ledge
  3. 3. Around Bembridge to Seaview
  4. 4. St Helen's Fort
  5. 5. Priory Bay
  6. 6. The Debnigo
  7. 7. Ryde - the loss of the Royal George
  8. 8. Player's Beach
  9. 9. Quarr Abbey
  10. 10. Along Peel Bank
  11. 11. King's Quay Creek
  12. 12. Osborne Bay
  13. 13. Old Castle Point
  14. 14. Saunders-Roe
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