Quirky History book jacket

Quirky History is a funny, sideways glance at moments of British history, and would make a perfect gift for all ages, says Julia Jones

Crossing the Thames Estuary book jacket

Crossing the Thames Estuary is the definitive guide to navigating this stretch of water. A must read for East Coast sailors, says Julia Jones

Voyage North book jacket

Voyage North is the last book in the Ransome-inspired Strong Winds series, and is a 21st -century classic of grown-up children’s literature

Meaco DD8L Junior Dehumidifier Meaco DD8L Junior dehumidifier. Made in the UK, this desiccant model from Meaco has proved very popular among boat owners because of its light weight (6kg/13lb),…

Ufesa 10L dehumidifier A compact and lightweight model,  the Ufesa 10L dehumidifier will fit into smaller spaces and fit easily on countertops. The supplied tube will allow you to leave…