A block for a yacht

From a selection of the latest kit in Yachting Monthly’s New Gear pages

Ken Endean meanders upriver for some proper Cornish hospitality and stunning countryside

Sailing is evolving. One of mankind’s oldest forms of transport, the boats we sail now have developed incrementally over centuries, and occasionally in great leaps. The foiling catamarans of last…

SAILING SKILLS Expert on board How to master multihulls: the skills you need to handle a catamaran with confidence Learning curve ‘We learned fast in fickle weather on the Cornish…

Dr Roger Chisholm dressed in red with a dark hat and sunglasses helming a boat

Facing shipwreck on a lee shore didn’t put him off sailing, but then having only one limb of four working didn’t put this MS sufferer
 off climbing. Dick Durham meets…

The crescent bay of Deshales in Guadeloupe

Kit Pascoe discovers Deshaies, Guadeloupe, is ideal for exploring the wild side of this French Caribbean island