Book jacket for the Long Lost Log

The Long Lost Log is an entertaining account of crossing the Atlantic in 1974. Those who have ever been young, muddled and gullible will enjoy this book, says Julia Jones

For a fully conscious casualty, climbing back on board is one solution. We trialled two man overboard ladders and the swimming ladder on the transom. The swimming ladder was by…

Eagle Yachts designed its own stainless steel control panel with slick LED-lit buttons that are just 25mm in diameter. Credit: Eagle Yachts

Electric sail handling systems are not just for maxi yachts. Sam Fortescue looks at how push button sailing is filtering down to the cruising boat market

After you’ve used a throwing line or a life-sling to bring a casualty alongside in a man overboard situation, you need to lift them out, ideally horizontally. A horizontal life…

Converting to push-button powered electric winches is easier than you might think

Electric winches are becoming cheaper and simpler to fit, making effortless sailing an affordable option, says Sam Fortescue