Creative Rope book jacket

Yachting Monthly literary contributor Julia Jones reviews the latest edition of Creative Ropecraft, which was first written with the aim of maintaining knot-tying as a living art.

Wichard MXLEvo soft block

French deck hardware maker Wichard has introduced a new addition to its popular Evo block range with the Wichard MXLEvo soft block shackle

Book jacket fro Essential Boat Electronics

Essential Boat Electronics avoids too much theory and is a useful guide to have onboard, says Yachting Monthly literary reviewer, Julia Jones

Book Jacket of From the Loft Floor to the Sea

From the Loft Floor to the Sea charts the building of the Falmouth pilot cutter, Pellew from drawings to launch and is a delight, says Yachting Monthly literary reviewer, Julia…

Front Cover of Mediterranean Spain

Yachting Monthly's literary reviewer Julia Jones examines the latest edition of the pilot book Mediterranean Spain, which covers from the Strait of Gibraltar to the French border

Boat ventilation is essential if you plan to stay onboard a yacht, especially in winter when heaters are in use

Proper boat ventilation and a decent carbon monoxide alarm are essential for any yacht with accommodation, says Ben Sutcliffe-Davies

Apollo fusion amplifier image

Fusion Apollo marine amplifiers are designed exclusively for boats that already feature Fusion marine entertainment systems. But as the Garmin-owned company is a key supplier to the serial yacht production…