Paint giant AkzoNobel has added a new high performance line to its respected Awlgrip marine topcoat range, called Awlgrip HDT gloss paint

The Swedish company says that Awlgrip HDT gloss paint will offer better protection for your topsides and an unprecedented finish.

HDT is a polyurethane paint applied as a single-stage topcoat to produce a mirror like finish when it dries. In tests, HDT retained up to 25 per cent more of its gloss after two years than standard polyurethane paint.

Akzo Nobel says out it outperforms other topcoats with its excellent distinction of image. And because the gloss resists UV damage better, the colour also lasts better. The finish is guaranteed to retain 70 per cent of its gloss for at least two years.

The new paint uses toners rather than tint bases, which means that it is easier to manage and match colours. And AkzoNobel’s online MixIt database should make it quick and easy to identify the right colour to match your hull – using no more than a smartphone.

It was specially formulated to produce a hard finish, but not so hard that it could not be repaired in event of a scratch or hull damage. Hard paint resists micro-scratching better than softer coatings, but it can be notoriously difficult to repair successfully.

Awlgrip HDT gloss paint is designed for spray application by a professional as the last coat of a multi-layer system. It should be applied over a previous Awlgrip topcoat or over an epoxy primer coat.

Some say that the paint has a shorter pot life than previous Awlgrip topcoats, so it is wise to prepare a fresh mix for each application. Using a different blend of activators can lengthen the pot life.

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