Birchsorb desiccant is a non-toxic product designed to absorb large amounts of ambient water to keep your boat dry inside and mould-free.

Desiccants work by absorbing water from the atmosphere – in this case inside your boat – and Birchsorb desiccant excels in this area.

British-based Birch Chemicals has developed the product from a sophisticated blend of chemicals. And yet, the product is safe to handle and can be disposed of in the household waste stream.

It works similarly to those little packets of silica that we are used to finding in almost every purchase. Naturally, it comes in larger formats, suitable for damp boat atmospheres.

But whereas silica can absorb just 27 per cent of its own weight in water, Birchsorb is 10 times more effective. It can fix an impressive 300 per cent of its weight in water. It’s enough to protect the boat from damp, mildew, mould and rust for up to 12 weeks at a time.

As a desiccant, Birchsorb won’t let the water go again – once it is locked up it stays locked up. And unlike dehumidifiers, there is no need to run an electrical supply to the boat for it to work – an advantage where many yards consider this a fire risk.

Sachets are available in various sizes to suit the volume of the boat or the dampness of its environment. The smallest is a 125g sachet that will absorb 250ml of water, while the largest contains 625g of Birchsorb desiccant and will mop up a huge 1.25 litres of water.

The smallest 125g sachet costs £6.99 and can be ordered directly on the Birchsorb website.

A 250g sachet costs £7.99. The larger format comes as a strip of five small sachets still attached. It costs £19.99

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