Chris Beeson

If Q were to issue James Bond 007 with a pedalo, it would probasbly look a lot like the Nauticraft Escapade

Twenty teams will be paddling for glory onboard the 'Dragons Alive' Bell Boats this morning at the Southampton Boatshow

Coastguard saves drowning man

The lightning response of off-duty Oban Coastguard volunteer Neil Macauley saved the life of a drowning man

Captain Calamity rescued

Stuart Hill, better known as Captain Calamity for his frequent meetings with the Coastguard, has been plucked from the upturned hull of his boat

Visitors to this year’s Southampton International Boat Show can register their personal choices in the variety of categories that go to make up the prestigious British Nautical Awards

South coast waters healthier

The Environment Agency says the results of the measures it has taken to improve bathing water along the south coast have, so far, been promising

Clipper Ventures’ fleet of round-the-world yachts will set sail this weekend on the sixth and final crew leg of The Times Clipper 2000 Round The World Yacht Race, heading for…