Recent reports about draconian taxes soon to be introduced on boats visiting Thailand have proved a little misleading, but only a little

Recent reports from Asia have hinted that cruising Thailand for any longer than three months would attract a swingeing new import tax.

In fact, foreign-flagged vessels may stay in Thai waters for six months before attracting the tax, but the tax is a toothy beast. Here’s how it breaks down in relation to the value of the vessel:

  • 35 percent import tax
  • 50 percent excise duty
  • 10 percent luxury tax

As these taxes are cumulative, the final bill may well end up costing you more than your boat.

Thai Customs and Excise have decreed that foreigners with legal resident status in Thailand, those conducting commercial charter operations, or those staying longer than six months, should legally import their boats, as any Thai would be bound to do.

The conditions for the tax are not deemed unreasonable, but their level has been the subject of intensive lobbying. As a result of that, an amendment from the Thai Finance Minister is currently under consideration by the Thai Prime Minister, recommending taxes be lowered and the ‘temporary stay’ limit extended from 6 to twelve months.

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