Contrary to popular rumour (but in line with the most basic logic) the Honda Cowes Classic will not – repeat not – interfere with the racing at Torbay Week

Concerns voiced by the Dartmouth Joint Regatta Sailing Committee – that the Honda Cowes Classic will interfere with the racing at Torbay Week – have sparked rumours of certain carnage at the weather mark when the Class 1 powerboats thunder towards the race fleet at over 80 knots.

The rumours dredged up distant memories from a year when the powerboats were sent around Red Skerries bell buoy, a regular mark for Torbay Week and included in the Sailing Instructions.

Ros Nott, Press Officer for the Honda Cowes Classic, finds the very idea laughable but was happy to confirm that the two races won’t interfere with each other in the least. The Honda Cowes Classic turning mark will be off Torbay whereas the sailing regatta will be based in the less shifty Start Bay.

“Rest assured all and sundry will be able to go sailing in perfect peace,” said Nott. “Our presence will only add to the waterborne festivities in Torbay.”