Chris Beeson

Freedom 35

Freedom 35 review See the May 2016 issue of Yachting Monthly for the full test What’s she like to sail? If you’ve never sailed a Freedom, it’s a little daunting…

Light winds

Try a few of our 11 easy tweaks when you find yourself in light winds, says Tim Bartlett. You might not need the engine just yet…


Whether it’s winter sun, ocean sailing or just a wild time, Madeira has a lot to offer. Chris Beeson reports


Financially strapped UK Government seeks to tap new revenue streams and sailing is in the crosshairs. Is there a tax bullet coming our way?


Different hull types demand different tactics. Tom Cunliffe shows you how to avoid embarrassment next time you’re at the helm of an unfamiliar yacht


As emission regulations tighten up and diesel gets more biocontent, Nigel Calder warns of potentially dire consequences for new yacht engines

If you’re looking for your first coastal cruiser, this boat should be on your list. Duncan Kent takes a 15-year-old Bavaria 34 out for a blustery spin and explains why