Andy Du Port

Andy Du Port

Andy is a Yachtmaster Offshore and formerly a Royal Navy specialist navigating officer and RYA Cruising Instructor. He edited Reeds Nautical Almanac for five years. He now sails a Hallberg-Rassy 34 with his wife Kate.

What you record in your logbook depends on what you are doing. Just a quick note of the tides and weather forecast may suffice for a short day-sail, but an…

Sailing the English Channel for the first time can be a daunting prospect, especially if your sailing experience so far has been in local waters, mostly remaining within a few…

Sea Sailing: Good seamanship starts with a boat that is properly secured for sea, so you can focus on the sailing. Credit: Theo Stocker

Loose objects can endanger both crew and yacht in rough weather. Checking your boat is secure before sea sailing should be a regular habit, says Andy du Port

When making a VHF radio call, hold the mic 5cm from your mouth and to one side for a clear transmission

It’s easy to just turn on your VHF radio and hope for the best, but knowing how to get the best out of it can make a big difference, says…

A yacht sailing into fog

Not many of us would happily set sail in fog but sometimes it is unavoidable, and knowing how to avoid collisions is crucial, says Andy du Port

ColRegs Yachts sailing in Cowes

Andy du Port explains the history of how the ColRegs were founded and suggests they might be due an update