Andy du Port provides his own log book template so you can make your own logbook to keep track of your cruising


What you record in your logbook depends on what you are doing. Just a quick note of the tides and weather forecast may suffice for a short day-sail, but an offshore passage will require very much more.

Download the PDF versions here and here.

Commercially produced logbooks never seem to be quite right for you and your boat; they are expensive and tend to run out of pages before the end of the sailing season.

For many years I have produced my own using simply a couple of Word documents and a ring binder. You can tweak the details to suit your needs, and print off more pages whenever you start running short. At the end of the season, the year’s pages can be removed and filed away.

In the same ring binder I have a page for the boat’s details, a copy of the local tide tables and a couple of aides-memoires for distress calls and passage reports to the coastguard.

Simple, effective, cheap and cheerful!

Download the PDF versions here and here.