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The safety of Legend yachts

The safety of Legend yachts

I quote from page 88 of the May 2010 Yachting Monthly. “Hunter Marine, the builder of the Legend range has gone further than almost any manufacturer to make sailing safe and simple…”

Is this your true and genuine editorial opinion or is this simply the regurgitation of copy from a Hunter/Legend press release?

Are you suggesting that such classic brands as Hallberg Rassy, Rustler, Moody, Oyster, Jeanneau, Beneteau, Hanse and even Bavaria are less safe than a Legend?

How is not having a primary winch safe? How do you kedge, get a somebody out of the water etc. etc.

I appreciate that some people may enjoy the Legend brand but to suggest they are pushing the boundaries of sailing safety forward runs the risk that some mindless bureaucrat will insist we all fit stainless goalposts arches.

I look forward to you early response on this topic as I cruise my inherently unsafe and difficult to sail Hanse 342 from the Solent to Scotland and all the way up the west coast of Scotland over the next four months.

Ed Essery & crew

Chris Beeson replies: Legend do make great play of the safety they build into their yachts but I wasn’t quoting from a press release, no. Their cockpits tend to be split into two parts, a ‘leisure’ section forward and the sail-handling bit aft. The safety aspect is keeping the mainsheet and traveller out of the way and keeping the forward cockpit, as far as possible, completely clear of lines, which has obvious benefits for family cruising – no lines underfoot, no flying jib or mainsheets to damage the kids or knock over the drinks. As the report states, there are only the most basic sail handling lines available to the helmsman, further simplifying sailing, albeit to the detriment of performance. So, as far as family cruising goes, yes, I believe they are safer than the brands you mention, in the same way that bike with stabilisers is safer than one without.

Personally, as someone who enjoys the intricacies of sailing, I don’t like the set up so clearly it’s not for me, nor you for that matter. That said, you can’t deny that their sales figures suggest there is a ready market for a very comfortable, easily-handled, family-friendly cruiser. It makes sailing very accessible to families who don’t have a huge amount of sailing experience or just can’t be bothered with lots of trimming. Sail cruising is a broad church and many find their way in through brands like Legend.

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