Dick Durham

Not noted as a performance yacht, my 1936 gaffer still managed second place in the last regatta of the season, says Dick Durham

We may think we understand the sea, but it’s not until you get in it that you realise how volatile an element water is, says Libby Purves

A healthy fear of the sea comes with experience, but new crew remind us why we fell in love with sailing, says Libby Purves

Dick Durham

Dick Durham: Yachties like us may be glad to leave the Atlantic behind, but just how welcome would British sailors be in Gibraltar?

Pass your Yachtmaster

Tom Cunliffe: When the pips are squeaking, a cheaper mooring abroad becomes rather attractive, but is it worth the journey?

I was a really useful bit of kit once. As handy as any new gizmo in the posh chandlery, as flexible and interactive as anything B&G can come up with.…

Dick Durham

My mother died recently and I now know why ships are called shes. I suddenly feel as though I’ve been left to swim for it, even though I’ve been old enough…

Dick Durham

Some sailors leave me feeling distinctly uncomfortable; they leave me with a sneaking suspicion that I haven’t sailed far enough, that I’m too comfortable in home waters, that I’m a…


I’m curious about the way my attitude to weather and forecasting has changed over the years. I’ll never forget being trapped in Cherbourg in a 32-foot wooden gaff cutter with…