Tom Cunliffe

‘Having to brass up to lie in what have always been free anchorages is another burden on our creaking cruising budgets’ My first experience of Internet-based weather forecasting for sailors…

'Chance' round Pigeon Island

Sailing across an ocean, there are myriad sail plans to choose from to power you across an ocean. We spoke to six ARC 2014 finishers to find out what works

'Peter von Seestermuhe' starting the ARC 2015

Sailing an ocean – your questions answered: ‘I’ve never sailed the Atlantic before but I have a boat. Should I crew first or am I okay to skipper?’ Jeremy Wyatt,…

Libby Purves

Yachting Monthly’s Libby Purves learns some useful lessons on a Caribbean cruise in the June 2008 edition of the Yachting Monthly podcast.