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Background to red diesel issue

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The links below will take you to old news stories showing the progression of the red diesel issue. They are listed in chronological order with the older stories at the very bottom of the page. If you want to find out the latest red diesel news, please click here.

Tanked up
Yachtsmen pumping red diesel into their tanks from 1 November 2008 will now only pay VAT of 5 per cent on the whole tank.

Diesel price hike
Diesel invites extra tax: for part of tank

Red Diesel duty set to rise
As the new sailing season approaches, yachtsmen in the UK are looking at a last summer of low-cost red diesel after the Government announced its intention to enforce the full rate of duty for heavy oil.

Budget confirms red diesel’s days are numbered
According to the chancellor’s budget statement last week, duty on fuel used for private pleasure boating or private pleasure flying will, from November 1 2008, ‘no longer benefit from the reduced and exempt rates of duty currently in effect’.

Red Diesel to Stay Until Late 2008
Leisure boaters will be able to use low-duty red diesel until November 2008, the Treasury today announced as part of the Budget.

Red under the engine bed
Price hike fears put in perspective

Red Diesel Update
On Thursday last week it was announced that UK leisure boaters were to lose their ability to use low-duty red diesel. The European Commission rejected an application to extend a derogation allowing use of the fuel. The current derogation runs out on 1 January 2007.

French customs fine red diesel users
French Customs Officers in Avignon are dipping yacht tanks to see if they are burning red diesel and if so are imposing fines.

Cheap diesel for yachtsmen OK’d
Yachtsmen will continue to enjoy cheap red diesel…..for now

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