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She’s been called ‘Britain’s most abused boat’… dismasted, capsized, holed, set on fire … and now exploded. We knew this final test – a gas leak and LPG explosion – was the most dangerous and potentially costly in Yachting Monthly’s ground-breaking ‘Crash Test Boat’ series of articles. Would the boat survive? How much destruction would be caused? Even with the help of the Royal Navy’s explosives experts Lt Cdr Harry Palmer and gas safety experts, we couldn’t predict the outcome.

Crash Test Boat – the final drama

Yachting Monthly’s dramatic Crash Test Boat Series ended with a big bang last week. The article and video footage on this final test in the 8-part series will appear in YM’s December issue, but you can see a sneak peak of the action by watching BBC South Today’s coverage of the explosion below:


What happens when there’s a fire in the galley or engine room? Which fire extinguisher should you use? Foam or dry powder? What are the essential checks and tips?

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How do you stop the flow from a broken seacock?

How could a potato save your life?

All Crash Test Boat videos are courtesy of Yachting TV.

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