In a year when an unprecedented number of mid-40-foot yachts have been launched, Hanse has thrown its hat into the ring with the 458, but is she up to the challenge?

Product Overview


Hanse 458


One has to hand it to Hanse, 
it knows what its buyers want; modern, easy to handle cruisers.

There is no variation of use or style in the range – every Hanse is recognisable as a Hanse. If you want one, you only have to decide what length you want and the number of people you sail with.

The Hanse Group can do this because of the other marques within the group: Dehler for speed, Moody 
for comfort, Privilege for catamarans. With Sealine and Fjord in its motorboat division, it has all bases covered.

Man helming the Hanse 458

The 458 has clean lines and acres of deck space. Credit: Graham Snook

If anything, Hanse has been too good; the Judel/Vrolijk hull originally from the 455, in 2014, looks as good 
now as it did then.

The deck layout worked too, so 
there wasn’t that much that really needed improving.

Therefore, rather than reinvent the wheel Hanse has addressed the few shortcomings of the 455 and modernised her.

She is now the 458.


Rather than being a wholly new boat, the 458 improves 
on the 455. Does she do enough to complete with the plethora of new 45ft yachts launched in 2018?

For ease 
of sailing and helm layout (with electric winches), yes. Like all recent yachts from Hanse she was delightful to sail, even with just two of us on board.

Master cabin on the Hanse 458

The 1.63m wide berth dominates the master cabin and stowage space is plentiful. Credit: Graham Snook

The feel on the wheel was smooth, and for a large yacht with spacious accommodation she offered a genuinely enjoyable and relaxing sailing experience.

Where she loses out to her competitors is the feel of onboard space both below decks and in the cockpit. 
That’s not to say any area on board is lacking, but seeing what Bavaria has done with its C45 it feels bigger even though her beam is only 10cm more, but it’s carried well aft.

The saloon of the Hanse 458

The saloon is light and spacious with ample seating and stowage space. Credit: Graham Snook

Interestingly the aft berths on the Hanse are both 9cm wider than the Bavaria. The Hanse, however, offers a high-quality and effortless sailing experience that makes it a pleasure to helm, even shorthanded.


It’s not often I find a large boat that is easy to sail without being a handful – usually because of sail controls. But Hanse has got it right, again.

Deck of a Hanse 458

Neat cubby holes offer space to keep the cockpit clear. Credit: Graham Snook

The self-tacking jib makes tacking as hard as holding onto the wheel and turning it, the mainsheet can be controlled from either side, so it’s always to hand. With the addition of a ‘Furlstrom’ the Achilles heel of a self-tacking sail plan (namely reduced off-wind sail area) is no more.

The interior has style, space and comfort, and the galley works at sea, so it’s practical too.

Then there is the large forward cabin, with separate shower and heads compartments for the couple who own her.

If simple sailing performance and enjoyment are your priority over voluminous space then the 458 will have much to tempt you.


LOA: 14.04m (46ft 1in)
Hull Length: 
13.55m (44ft 5in)
LWL: 12.20m (40ft)
4.38m (14ft 4in)
2.23m (7ft 4in)
Displacement: 11,700kg (25,794 lb)
Ballast: 4,220kg (9,304 lb)
Ballast Ratio: 36.1%
Displacement/ Length: 179.5
Sail area: 
103m2 (1,108sq ft)
SA/D Ratio: 20.3
210 litres (46 gal)
450 litres (99 gal)
Engine: 57hp
Transmission: Saildrive
RCD category: A
Designer: Judel/Vrolijk/Hanse
Hanse Yachts
UK Agent: 
Inspiration Marine
Tel: 023 8045 7008