SAILING SKILLS Conquering Biscay This notorious stretch of water is a satisfying rite of passage. We explore how best to tackle it Weird winds How hills affect the weather at…

RAW Pro head torch

From a selection of the latest kit in Yachting Monthly’s New Gear pages

Following the dismasting of his Biscay 36 yacht Hanley Energy Endurance and subsequent rescue by Australian frigate HMAS Ballarat, Gregor McGuckin has arrived in Rockingham, Perth, Australia. At a press…

Yacht mooring on a river inbetween piles

James Stevens answers your Questions of Seamanship. This issue - how to moor between two piles in tricky conditions

A yacht approaching a mara buoy

The Mara Buoy promises to revolutionise mooring, making it safer and easier. We put it to the test

The Golden Globe Race skipper Abhilash Tomy's dismasted yacht

The Indian Navy is expected to salvage Abhilash Tomy's dismasted yacht, Thuriya. The injured Golden Globe Race skipper was evacuated by the crew of a French patrol boat

The anchorage at Lobos in the Canary Islands

For those who love marine life, Kit Pascoe recommends anchoring in the gin clear waters of Fuerteventura’s Isla de Lobos