Do you know a kitesurfer who could help the RNLI?

The RNLI is enlisting the help of kitesurfers to spread the safety message.

With a thirteen-fold increase in the number of kitesurfers rescued over the last four years, and with lifeboats launching around seven times each week to people in these increasingly popular activities, it is feared that this number could increase further still.

Tony Wafer, the RNLI’s Sea Safety Co-ordinator, says: ‘We’re looking for kitesurfers, windsurfers, kayakers and other specialists to become part of this new, exciting team. This is a new interactive type of volunteering that’s designed to fit in with both your lifestyle and your sport.

‘It might only take a couple of minutes of your time to give out some safety advice but ultimately you could help to save a life. By volunteering to share safety advice with others taking part in your sport, you’ll be helping make the water a safer place for everyone.’

To become part of the team, the RNLI would like volunteers to be able to attend one or two specialist events each year, as well as being on hand to offer advice whilst taking part in their sport throughout the season. Whether it’s attending events such as the London International Boat Show or the Windfest events, or handing out safety leaflets and DVDs on the beach when you’re out, you’ll become part of the RNLI’s team of safety experts.

After receiving RNLI training, volunteers will be provided with the latest extreme sea safety leaflets and multi media resources to hand out to their peers.

Anyone who’s over 17, enjoys talking to people, wants a good excuse to hang out by the water and get free access to the big extreme events can become part of the RNLI team improving safety in these growing sports. Prospective volunteers should call the RNLI’s sea safety hotline on 0800 328 0600 in the UK and 1800 789589 in the Republic of Ireland.

Alternatively, they can email