When picking the ideal boat shoes, you face a choice between traditional moccasins that look the part but lack support and cushioning, or modern deck trainers that cover the sporty angle but are not understated. Is there a happy medium?

Some sailors swear by deck trainers as the best boat shoes, but once the wet weather hits, are you left with squidgy feet and a damp shoe smell?

Others are steadfast Crocs wearers, arguing that the boating versions are light, grippy and kind on the pocket.

But for the traditionalists, moccasin boat shoes offer a smart look at sea and ashore, with the elusive find being a pair made from soft leather yet offering hard-wearing capabilities in all weather.

Here we look at seven of the best boat shoes on the market today, ranging in price from £39 to £169.

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Best boat shoes available now

Dubarry Commodore XLT

Dubarry XLT deck shoes

Best lightweight boat shoes

YM editor Theo Stocker has been putting Dubarry’s Commodore XLT moccasin boat shoes through their paces for a few months now.

He believes they represent a happy medium between traditional moccasins and their sporty competitors.

Theo says: ‘Their key selling point is that they are, as the name suggests, extra light. In fact, they are roughly half the weight of my previous boat shoes.

‘Despite this, they still have a good degree of cushioning in the sole and are firm enough to give my foot some support, with the three-hole lacing keeping them secure on my foot.’


  • Extra-light
  • Good cushioning
  • Three-hole lacing


  • Expensive
  • May prefer a stronger shoe for more support

YM tested – Dubarry Commodore XLT review

RRP: £169 / $199

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Chatham Sperrin boat shoes

Chatham Sperrin winter boat shoe

Hardy but breathable boat shoes

Best winter boat shoes

The Sperrin Winter Boat Shoe is Chatham’s twist on its classic boat shoe, featuring three eyelet laces, contrast stitching detail, side laces and a heavy cleated sole for additional traction on slippery pontoons.

One of the key selling features is the sole spring poron insole, which promises to be cushioning, supportive, breathable and anti-bacterial.

Our tester wore them over several months and can vouch that they give their feet good all-round support, and the leather lacing kept them securely in place.

‘The eyelets are robust, which I have been impressed with as often this has been the first thing to go on previous pairs of boat shoes.

Available in UK sizes 6-15.


  • Good all-round support
  • Sole spring poron insole – offers cushion, breathability and anti-bacterial
  • Robust eyelets


  • Thick leather takes a while to wear in

YM tested – Chatham Sperrin review

RRP: £89 / $62

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Buy Sperrin Lady boat shoes from chatham.co.uk

Sebago Portland boat shoes

Sebago Dockside Portland

Best classic boat shoes

This classic-style boat shoe from US shoe brand Sebago is probably of greatest interest to the active sailor.

It’s constructed to be long-lasting and made from unique hot-stuff buffed leather conditioned with oils and waxes.

There are a variety of colour and material options too, making it easier to pick the best boat shoe for your needs.

Each pair is hand-stitched and features non-marking anti-slip soles, designed to offer stable grip in all conditions.


  • Long-lasting
  • Variety of colour and material options, hand-stitched
  • Non-marking anti-slip soles


  • Expensive
  • The insole only covers 2/3rds of the foot (leaving toes and ball of foot on leather)

YM tested – Sebago Portland review

RRP: £115 / $123

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Sebago Dockside Mapple boat shoes

Sebago Mapple

Best all-round boat shoes

Sebago’s summer range of boat shoes come in a variety of colour options and materials.

These hand-sewn deckies have a leather sock lining, 360° rawhide lacing and non-marking anti-slip rubber soles.

They are pricey but Sebago’s shoes have proven to be of consistently high quality and among the best boat shoes available.

For us, you can’t beat the traditional leather for a good quality boat shoe. The Mapple is our favourite of the new boat shoe designs – we’ll probably steer clear of the suede options…


  • Leather sock lining
  • Non-marking anti-slip
  • 360° rawhide lacing


  • Expensive
  • Steer clear of the suede option

RRP: £115 / $114

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Decathlon Tribord 500

Tribord 500 women's shoe

Best value boat shoes

The Tribord range at Decathlon has impressed the Yachting Monthly team in other tests – notably their coastal waterproofs.

These leather boat shoes are developed for inshore sailing in dry weather conditions.

Non-marking with a non-slip micro-grooved natural rubber outsole, these boat shoes are made in Portugal.

The leather and accessories have been coated with a water-repellent treatment to resist saltwater.

Available in men’s and women’s versions and foggy blue or navy colours.


  • Non-marking with a non-slip micro-grooved natural rubber outsole
  • Coated with a water-repellent treatment to resist saltwater
  • Great price


  • Developed for dry weather conditions, may not be suitable for more intense conditions

RRP: £39.99 / $37

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Crocs Classic Boat Shoes

Croc Boat Shoe
An appealing alternative boat shoe option

Crocs men’s Classic Boat Shoe is designed to be waterproof and lightweight thanks to the Croslite foam construction.

Other features include a soft fabric tongue, faux lacing, ventilation ports in the heel and forefoot to add breathability and help shed moisture.

The rubberised sole is promised to provide increased traction, flexibility and ‘360-degree comfort’.


  • Waterproof and lightweight
  • Good breathability sheds moisture
  • Rubberised sole provides increased traction, flexibility and comfort


  • Long break-in time

RRP: £54.99 / $33

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Wuzzos bespoke boat shoes


 Premium boat shoes with a difference

Wuzzos is a new name in the boat shoe market, currently selling a couple of different varieties for men and women, each available in a variety of leather finishes.

As is often the case with deckies there is little that particularly stands out at first glance – to a degree, a boat shoe is a boat shoe is a boat shoe.

But one difference they have over other boat shoe offerings is the option to add embossed text to the shoes in a couple of font sizes and colours (gold, silver, plain).

This, combined with the made-in-Europe build, hand stitching and sewing, and good quality leather mean they are clearly aiming at the higher end of the boat shoe market, with a luxury brand feel.

This luxury feel continues on delivery of the shoes, which arrive with your name embossed on the box and initials on the care card. These are far from necessary, of course, but does make the whole experience of purchase feel bespoke.

The boat shoes themselves have razor-cut soles so should provide a good level of grip.

The leather is fantastically soft and the soles offer a great level of padding. All in all, they are initially impressive and they should work well on the water.

YM tested:

YM tester Toby Heppell said: ‘I was really impressed with the grip they offered.

‘The boat upon which I was testing the shoes on had had the helm footrest removed as it was due to be repositioned.

‘This meant standing at the wheel while helming with nothing to brace against.

‘We were sailing upwind in around 20 knots AWS without any reefs and so had a significant amount of heel.

‘I can honestly say that there was not a single moment in an entire afternoon’s sail that I did not feel securely planted to the deck. Very impressive.’

Wuzzos boat shoes are available in both men’s and women’s styles.


  • Fantastically soft, great padding
  • Hand-stitched and feel luxurious
  • Personalisation options


  • Premium price

RRP: £100 (plus £15 for personalisation)

Buy it now on wuzzos.com

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