YM editor Theo Stocker has been putting the Dubarry Commodore X LT moccasin boat shoes through their paces for a few months to see how they fare out on the water

Product Overview


  • Lightweight yet sturdy construction
  • Fast-drying leather


  • Collar takes a while to break in


Dubarry Commodore X LT moccasin boat shoes

Price as reviewed:


He believes they represent a happy medium between traditional moccasins and their sporty competitors.

Theo says: ‘Available in various colours, their key selling point is that these boat shoes are, as the name suggests, extra light.

‘I can vouch for this, as they are roughly half the weight of my previous boat shoes.

‘Despite this, they still have a good degree of cushioning in the sole and are firm enough to give my foot some support, with the three-hole lacing keeping them secure on my foot.’

But it was not all plain sailing.

Theo adds: ‘The DryFast-DrySoft leather was pretty tough to begin with, particularly around the padded collar.

‘They took a bit of wearing in, but they fit like a slipper now.

‘They lack drain holes, but the leather does dry quickly.

‘The standard Dubarry non-slip, non-marking sole gripped well on deck and had good flex.

‘I liked the fact that the stitching is well recessed into the sole, as this is where most boat shoes wear out first.’

RRP: £169

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