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Night Sailing

Yachting Monthly experts have sailed tens of thousands of miles around the world, thousands of them at night. Here, they share their ten top tips for night sailing

This year marks the 90th anniversary of the Shipping Forecast. Sailor Carolyn Brown reads it out. Here she reveals why the radio studio can be an area of high pressure

Sunbeam has been building yachts in Austria for the last 60 years, so where better to test its 28.1? Graham Snook sailed her on Lake Attersee

New yachts from Rustler don't come along very often, so when they do we tend to get a bit excited. Graham Snook travelled to the Fal estuary to test the…

Whether your boat is coming ashore for winter or staying afloat, here is a useful checklist compiled by Yachting Monthly's experts to help you remember everything