Chris Beeson


Whilst cruising the Dorset coast Tom Cunliffe was intrigued by the sight of boats anchored behind some rocks so decided to investigate. He wasn’t disappointed by what he found in…

Surviving strong winds

Having analysed several case studies from Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu, Tom Partridge identifies 20 key techniques for surviving strong winds


It’s every sailor’s nightmare: holed and taking on water. For Chris Beeson, the unsinkable Etap turned this sinking feeling into an unusual spa session

Ionian charter

How do you sell sailing to the uninitiated? Charter somewhere warm, dry, safe and beautiful. Chris Beeson takes a novice crew to the Greek Ionian

Maxi 1200 photo gallery

Interested in the Maxi 1200? Here's a photo gallery with extra images of the Maxi 1200 during her sail trials