Yachting podcasts

Tom Cunliffe and Libby Purves’ podcasts from Yachting Monthly magazine

Libby Purves

Libby Purves podcast: February 2015

“We can create hot meals out of leftover food, even when it has been sat on” Oh dear. A report finds that people who play organised, competitive team games earn…

Tom Cunliffe

Tom Cunliffe podcast: February 2015

“That is how I ended up losing my week’s pay in a Dutch bar more quickly than if I’d backed a lame horse at Goodwood” Last night I slept aboard…

Dick Durham

Dick Durham podcast – February 2015

“The Island Yacht Club, of Canvey Island, is like a recycled town” I’m on probation. Every Saturday morning I am obliged to join a community service work party to help…

Libby Purves

Libby Purves podcast – January 2015

‘In this boat-free season of family gatherings, here’s a fine new holiday game…’ In Swallows and Amazons, the children endearingly name creeks and inlets, islands and bays: Wild Cat Island,…

Tom Cunliffe

Tom Cunliffe podcast January 2015

“My luck ran out. I hit more rocks in the next half-hour than in the rest of my life to date” Sitting in my saloon with the bogey stove glowing…

Dick Durham

Dick Durham podcast January 2015

“The operating manual is smothered in oily fingerprints and smells of diesel” What were two men doing zig-zag- ging across a theatre forecourt as light summer rain began to soak…