360 panoramic views of the Fan Class 32 on test

Fan Class 32

Before you pour away that bottle of unexpectedly hallucinogenic wine, or take up your pen in fury to accuse us of playing with pictures, rest assured that seeing is believing. This is indeed a yacht with a canting mast. Or possibly a gimballed hull. The Fan Class 32 is the brainchild of Guy Broquaire, a Cherbourg sailor with 50 years’ experience and a family circumnavigation under his belt. His love of ‘Paradis’ – the Channel Islands to you and me – was churned to the point of nausea by the 6-7 hours of upwind work required to get there. On one such passage, Guy had a Eureka moment and decided to build a monohull that didn’t heel.

Click on the camera icons to see a full 360 panarama of each cabin – click and drag on the images to scroll your way around the boat.

See more photographs of the Fan Class 32 in our gallery and read the full review in the September 09 issue of Yachting Monthly.

Aft Cabin Saloon Heads