• SOUTHAMPTON BOAT SHOW 2003 preview
    The YM team previews the latest electronics and sailing gear at the show, plus a free pull-out map of the show

  • Buyers? guide to oilskins
    How dry can you stay for £200? With escalating prices and mind-boggling technical terms, the YM team look at budget oilskins from eight manufacturers.

  • Destinations with FREE chart
    One of the great natural harbours in the world, Falmouth is a cruising crossroads and a major landfall and departure port for sailing vessels. The River Fal and its tributaries are also a delight for daysailing. James Jermain explores

  • Stolen passage
    Dick Durham ships his kitbag aboard a 29ft trimaran for his first passage in a multihull and marvels at the sea miles that can be covered in light winds during a cruise to Alderney and back.

  • Sailing Skills
    In part two of Better Boat handling in the Mediterranean, YM goes to Greece to check out the use of anchors when mooring bow- or stern-to

  • PLUS:
    – Nigel Calder?s top tips on buying a second-hand boat
    – Tom Cunliffe cruises Ireland and Norway in Westernman
    – Colin Lowe heads through the Panama Canal Pacific-bound

  • Survey! Survey! Survey!
    For house-buyers, location is the magic ingredient. But what is it for boat buyers? In our new series, naval architect, surveyor and circumnavigator Paul Jeffes helps a buyer draw up a short-list of three cruising boats in the 25 to 32ft range to fit his budget. Which boats and why? What did he buy? Find out next month.

  • Boats on test:
    Bavaria 38 Match
    This month Bavaria launch their new ?Match? performance cruiser range. Mike Kopman sails the first boat to see if she really is something new, or just another white boat?

  • Nordship 43DS
    James Jermain travels to Denmark to sail the flagship of the Nordship range, a comfortable and undemanding top-quality blue water cruiser