Huge hikes in yacht insurance...

  • Huge hikes in yacht insurance
    Has your premium shot up? Lawyers, power-boat skippers and terrorists have something in common. Dick Durham asks three leading insurance companies why we are paying up to 30 per cent more for yacht insurance. The results may surprise you.

  • Double AZAB
    ? It?s probably the first time I have ever sailed deliberately into a gale, and I am not sorry I did,? admits Paul Heiney, who writes about his singlehanded ?bite at an ocean? on the Azores and Back Race this summer. His wife, Libby Purves, describes in her monthly column what happened when she joined him on their Biscay 36 for the return passage and became a Jonah.

  • Destinations with FREE chart
    One of the best kept secrets in UK waters is Milford Haven: the only harbour which provides sailing through a national park. Dick Durham explores this ancient inlet from Dale to Haverford West and from Angle to Pembroke.

  • Sailing skills
    Coming alongside a berth wind-assisted is a cinch. But when it?s time to leave, a ?wind-on? berth can be magnetic. In Better Boat Handling, Simon Jinks explains how to power the boat out with the help of springs.

  • Learning Curve
    A trip across the Channel for YM reader James Macnaghten ended up with a ripped headsail, a lifeboat tow into Cherbourg and two crew hospitalised. The lesson? ?The time to reef is when you first think of it….?

  • Win a £5,000 set of sails
    A lucky YM reader will win a full set of Jeckells sails for a boat up to 40ft ? a Profurl headsail reefing system, plus genoa and
    mainsail, complete with an electronic standing rigging test, plus winter storage and valeting of the winner?s sails for two years.

  • Biscay Triangle
    James Jermain reports on a long-range cruise in company across Biscay, starting and finishing in Torquay, with stops at La Coruna, Spain, and La Trinite, in North Brittany. The event is run by Blue Water Rallies.

  • Wheelpilots on test
    Raymarine and Simrad?s wheel-fitted autopilots are tested head-to-head aboard a Dehler 34. On paper their specifications are similar, but out of the box they are different animals, reports YM?s Simon Jinks.