Azores graffiti, or marine masterpieces?..

  • Azores graffiti ? or marine masterpieces?
    Leaving ?your mark? on the marina wall in Horta, with a painting of your yacht, is part of a blue water sailors? rite of passage. Annie Hill reports on this celebrated transatlantic ritual

  • Yeoman to Ireland
    Adrian Morgan on a Boys? Own sailing adventure to the Emerald Isle, aboard Yeoman of Dart, a noble yacht once owned by the Aisher family

  • FREE chart: Vannes and the Morbihan
    Peter Cumberlidge explores the Golfe du Morbihan, an inland sea with 50 sq miles of sparkling tidal water in South Brittany, and its medieval gem of a town, Vannes

  • The lost art of heaving to
    Short-handed sailors heave-to to reef or rest. Heavy displacement boats do it to ride out heavy weather. Simon Jinks takes a traditional long-keeled yacht and a modern fin and skeg and compares their hove-to abilities

  • Dark encounter
    On passage to Cuba in his 27ft boat, solo sailor Alastair Buchan finds himself shadowed by a US Coastguard cutter ? and under radio interrogation. Did they think he was a drug-smuggler or arms dealer?

  • Amateur Victory
    Dyed-in-the-wool cruising yachtsman Dick Durham signs up as crew aboard the 12-Metre Victory and comes third in class after battling against the professionals during the America?s Cup Jubilee Regatta

  • On Test
    James Jermain sails the Grand Soleil 40, a sporty 40ft Italian performance cruiser with sleek good looks

  • Plus: This Cruising Life with Libby Purves, Better boat handling with Simon Jinks, Blue Water Letter with Niki Perryman

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