Roy Hart has spent more than 40 years cruising and ocean racing...

  • Boat Test
    James Jermain tests the Centurion 40S. Wauquiez were once quality production builders ? now they specialise in a range of just four boats in small numbers for discerning owners. This is the latest

  • SURVEY, Survey,survey
    Roy Hart has spent more than 40 years cruising and ocean racing in a variety of yachts. Now he wants a boat to get him a ?place? in the next two-handed Round Britain Race. Paul Jeffes gives a helping hand to look at a Swan 40, a Jeanneau 36, and an S&S 34

  • Anti-foul stripping
    Simon Jinks tests out the revolutionary new technique for cleaning old anti-foul: ice-blasting. He compares it with the conventional methods of sand, slurry and scraping

    Venture beyond the bounds of the pilot books with an eight-part series that will help you explore new cruising grounds

  • Blue Water letter
    On passage from the Galapagos to the Marquesas, Colin Lowe organises his daughter Rita to keep ?shark watch? while he scrapes goose barnacles from Wild Bird?s bottom. ?Each time I cleaned a substantial portion of the hull, our speed rose by half a knot,? he writes

  • Destinations: Pontrieux
    Peter Cumberlidge explores this rural pearl: a North Breton retreat which lies snugly in a snaking river between ancient chateau,
    wooded banks and sleepy quaysides