The world’s most dangerous sandbank. The treacherous Goodwin Sands...

  • The world’s most dangerous sandbank
    The treacherous Goodwin Sands have claimed thousands of ships, and dozens of yachts go aground there every year. The intrepid YM team landed at low tide

  • FREE chart: The River Yealm and Newton Ferrers
    Peter Cumberlidge takes the narrow, twisting entrance and wooded shores to this Devon delight, one of the classic cruising havens of the South Coast

  • Small boats across the Atlantic
    Shane Acton sailed across in 19ft Shrimpy… and continued on around the world. Ben Carlin drove an amphibious jeep transatlantic. Alastair Buchan, author of the new book, Sailing an Atlantic Circuit, says ‘ small is beautiful’. He did it in a Hurley 20?

  • Beware of thebilge monster
    Hannah Cunliffe had her nappies changed on the chart table and was tied to the mast of her dad’s yacht to keep her out of trouble! Now 22, she reflects on an unconventional upbringing

  • Urban myths of the sea
    Heard the one about the sailor who dived to check his anchor and found his leg trapped by a giant clam? Or the supertanker approaching Suez with the complete mast, rigging and sails of a cruising yacht tangled in its starboard anchor? Rod Heikell has more tall tales

  • On test: Bavaria 44 and Moody Eclipse
    The Bavaria 44 costs much less than most boats of her size, as visitors to the Southampton show were quick to notice. What kind of quality do you get for a mere (relatively speaking) ‘100,000? James Jermain puts her through her paces to find the answer. Plus: the Moody Eclipse is given the YM Second Look treatment

  • Mast ladders and engine oil extractors
    Simon Jinks tries some useful kit for the laying up season

  • Plus: Sailing Skills: Better boat handling – sailing up to a mooring buoy; Libby Purves on This Cruising Life; Blue Water Letter from Colin Lowe; A-Z of second-hand boats: Dufour, E-boat and Ecume de Mer

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