Lifebuoy lights on test...

  • Lifebuoy lights on test
    If you lost someone overboard, could you find them in the dark? The YM team take a selection of lifebuoy lights and put them to the test on a black night in the Solent

  • Sailing skills
    In part two of Sail Trim, Yachtmaster Instructor Simon Jinks looks at getting the best out of your mainsail

  • Westcoasting
    Bristol Channel bypass ? in part three of his trip up the western seaboard of Britain, Ken Endean heads out from Padstow, Cornwall, in his Sabre 27 and makes landfall in Dale, South Wales

  • DESTINATIONS Morlaix ? FREE chart
    The Morlaix estuary is the widest and grandest of the North Brittany river approaches. Peter Cumberlidge sails to where two rivers meet the sea ? and fetches up at the bustling town of Morlaix, famous for its timbered buildings dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries

  • Which chart software?
    The YM team tests the latest range of electronic chart software ? raster or vector, which is best for you?

  • Does he take sugar?
    On his third cross-Channel venture in Summerlove, his 30ft Jaguar, Fred Lockey and wife Jaquie meet a mystery skipper in Treguier River, Britanny, aboard a 34-footer with a blonde ?travelling companion??

  • Running out of food?
    What do you do when, nine days into an ocean crossing, you realise you don?t have enough aboard for the crew? Patricia Perkins reports on a slow passage from

  • Bermuda to the Azores
    Feeling different? Feeling?s innovative new 44-foot flagship (above) features striking looks, a central navigation station and the option of twin rudders and lifting keel. James Jermain finds out what else she has to offer

  • JS9000 daysailer:
    A new 30 footer for under £18,000? She weighs just 800kg, and 550kg of that is ballast! Mike Kopman steps aboard this racy-looking daysailer, which is capturing the hearts of gentlemanly boaters

  • Do copper bottoms come out tops?
    Mike Kopman examines the antifouling alternative to paint: copper-rich coatings, including a novel system to cover your hull in copper foil

  • Bolts from the blue
    Foregoing expensive x-rays, Dick Durham replaced the keel bolts on his 30ft wood sloop Powder Monkey and was shocked by what he found. Do you know what?s holding your keel on?

  • A touch of glass
    Crazed hatches and portlights driving you crazy? Simon Jinks sees the light again after replacing the glass on his second-hand boat, and discovers just how easy it is.

  • Food for thought
    Every spring, Miranda Delmar Morgan returns the boat?s food stores back to their rightful place. Some tins have gone a bit rusty and the expiry dates are turned outboard. But what do the crew say?

  • PLUS all your favourites: This Cruising Life, with Libby Purves; The Confessional and the A-Z of secondhand yachts