Geoff Lodge sets sail for Shetland in fog and is rewarded with a magical landfall

Special Features

  • Man overboard!

    Our 10-page special puts life-saving gear to the test and tells you how to improve your chances of survival

  • Jungle cruising

    Alastair Buchan enters Venezuela’s Serpent’s Mouth to explore an offshoot of the Orinoco

  • Cheating the fog

    Geoff Lodge sets sail for Shetland in fog and is rewarded with a magical landfall

  • Small wonders

    James Jermain sails two new small British cruisers: the Yarmouth 23 and Red Fox Vision

  • Foul play

    A preview of YM’s Great 2000 Antifouling Test. A dozen different antifoulings will be tested this season

  • Destinations

    Nick Robinson explores Poole Harbour, the second largest natural harbour on the planet; with pull-out chart of this year’s new buoyage

  • Liberty lost

    Stan Snape drops anchor to visit the Statue of Liberty and finds himself, daughter and partner, handcuffed

  • Roll up! Roll up!

    Peter Nielsen looks at the ins and outs of in-mast furling in part 18 of the Sail Power series

  • Abandon ship!

    Hugh Cownie recalls the night when he lost his yacht on a reef off the paradise island of Nevis

  • Gib’Sea 33 boat test

    James Jermain sails the Gib’Sea 33, a no-frills French family cruiser costing a shade over ‘50,000

  • Thai break

    Miles Kendall sets sail from Phuket for an adventure in paradise in Thailand’s Andaman Sea

  • New gear

    What’s new in the chandlers?

  • Struck by lightning

    Michael Briant’s Moody 36 takes a direct lightning hit in Chesapeake Bay in this month’s Learning Curve

Sailing Skills

  • Question of seamanship

  • Learning Curve – Lightning strike

  • Des Sleightholme’s Sea Sense

  • Tom Cunliffe’s Yachtmaster Class

  • Pilotage quiz – answer to our March quiz

  • Seamanship tips


  • Editorial

  • On watch

    Including Marina Spy, Club Call and Pub Guide
  • New boats

  • Readers’ letters

  • Any questions

  • Next month/Subscriptions

  • YM books

  • This cruising life

    By Libby Purves: Slave to the galley
  • lue water letter

    From Hugh Marriott in Malaysia
  • Blue water postscript

  • Second-hand focus

    The Westerly Tempest 31, PLUS Boat Buyers’ Guide: buying a boat on the internet,
  • Around the coast

  • Waterside property

  • The Confessional

    Readers own up to their sailing sins