Millenium special

  • Millennium special

    Great moments in yachting history; feats of navigation; the best inventions to aid seamen – and a few of the worst! Don’t miss our celebration of 1,000 years of sailing and seafaring.

  • London Boat Show preview

    Plan your visit to Earl’s Court with YM’s free map, complete with a guide to the new boats and latest equipment.

  • When Sally met Sabrina

    Classic cruising in the West Country with Sally, a Vertue, and Sabrina, a Yonne.

  • On test: deck shoes

    Is it worth buying expensive deck shoes? Or are budget-price offerings just as good? YM’s test team put the best-known brands of deck shoe through their paces over a hard season of sailing.

  • Free Destinations chart

    January’s free chart is the Chenal du Four, the gateway to South Brittany, featuring the charming port of l’Aberildut.

  • Night of horrors

    Jack Gush nearly lost his boat on a stormy night – read his account of every skipper’s nightmare.

  • Sail power

    Which ropes are best for which jobs on board? Are high-tech fibres worth the money? Sail Power has the answers.

  • Taking a dive

    From absolute novice to qualified diver, James Jermain takes the plunge and explores the hidden depths of the Caribbean.

  • Greatest Cape

    Peter Keag rounds Cape Horn the hard way, without modern equipment or navigational aids. Don’t miss his fascinating story.