Gib'sea 84

Similar in style lathe 77, butdeslgned by Joubert-Nivelt

in 1982, she marked the start of a general redesign of

the range. The YMreport of the day summed up the

company’s products of the mid-19BOs:’… a

thoroughly sound family cruiser which, while it is

difficult to get excited about her, has few vices

beyond what we regard as a rather oversimplified

interior’, She also had a choice of

three keels and had a spacious interior with

generous fore and aft cabins. The saloon

was wide and open but stowage was

limited. Chart table and galley were

simllarto the 76. Sailing performance

was reasonably good though skittish

in heavy weather. The 282 followed.

LOA 28ft 1Din (8.8m) LWL 23ft 3in

(7.1m)beam 10ft(3.1m}draught

from 3ft 3in to 5ft 3in (1.0m to

1.6m) displacement 6,200 Ib

(2,800kg). Price guide:

£18,OOO to £23,000.

YMReport March 1984.