Flika 37

After the success of their Bansheecruiser-racer
catamaran, Richard and Lilian Woods took the
basic hull shape and reworked it for cruising
purposes. Fixed keels, detuned rig and a
much larger deck saloon were the chief
changes and she was launched as the
Flika 35. Acouple of years later she was
reworked as the Flika 37 with extended
transoms,a larger cockpit and better quality interior. She is a serious
offshore cruising cat with good
all round performance. The
accommodation, which was heavily
customised to suit owners, can deliver up to eleven berths though
eight is a more reasonable number. The galley is huge and there is
a comfortable heads. Some dimensions, particularly doorways, are
tight and the boom is dangerously low. The boats were built down
to a weight but are generally regarded as tough.

LOA 37ft (11.2m) LWL 33ft Sin (1 0.2m) beam 19ft 4in (5.9m)
draught 3ft (O.9m) displacement 8,950 Ib (4,OOOkg)
Price guide: £40,000 – £50,000 YMTest Report January 1989.