Feeling 346

Of the Gilles Vaton designs with Eric Codro interiors
from the late 19805, this one was arguably the most
eccentric below decks. She is quick but weir mannered,
not particularly close winded but highly manoeuvrable. The interior has 6ft 4in (1.9m)
headroom and lots of space. The chart table is pushed forward against the main bulkhead,
which is not ideal, and the galley aft of it works better at anchor than underway. She was one
of the first boats, certainly of this size to have a U-shaped dinette with a leg, long enough for
two people, running down the centreline.

LOA 33ft (1 0.13m) LWL 28ft Gin (8.10m) beam 3.47m (11 ft 5in) draught 5ft lin (1.70m)
displacement 8,800 Ib (4,000kg) Price guide: £35,000to £42,000 YMTest ReportApril1988